About us

Since nearly 20 years TrackMen develops real-time tracking solutions mainly for the broadcast industry.

Tracking in general is used to follow (moving) objects. The purpose of tracking can include the exact determination of the movement and pose of a person, object or device. Particular for the media industry, we develop real-time 3D camera tracking systems for Virtual Broadcast Graphics, Augmented Realities and Virtual Studios.

Our team is comprised of experts from the areas of Software Development and Visual Technologies in order to implement application-specific solutions for the broadcast, film and other industries.

The founders and managing directors of TrackMen, Dipl.-Inform. Hendrik Fehlis and Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Mika, have been involved with tracking systems since 1995.

TrackMen also offers corresponding services along with own and our products to guarantee a working turnkey solution. In addition, we also develop individualised systems and solutions for other companies according to their specifications.

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