ManuTrack Applications


  • Virtual Studios

  • Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Applications without camera tracking


ManuTrack can be implemented anywhere where interactivity with virtual objects is desired. For example, ManuTrack is used for Virtual Studios, weather forecast systems, virtual objects in real studio environments and more.
Virtual Studios
ManuTrack offers the ideal upgrade to your virtual studio system – for all formats which use virtual objects, images, statistics, diagrams or charts. This provides a direct visual reference when the presenter introduces weather, election results, news, game shows or scientific data.
Virtual objects in real studio environment
You don’t run a Virtual Studio, but you still like to show interactivity with Virtual Objects? Instead of moving the camera you simply overlay the virtual objects with the real scene and ManuTrack enables the virtual objects to be moved by the talent. This 3D looking effect will attract your viewers too.

Especially at open-air locations it enriches your program with graphical elements which are touched as if they were real.
Weather forecast systems
In classic weather forecasts, the camera does not move. Here is where ManuTrack can give you some variety that will set your program apart from the competition.