ManuTrack Key Features


  • Enables talent’s hand to interact with virtual graphics

  • Determines hand position and status

  • pure image processing based on camera video picture

Key features

Using the camera video picture only, ManuTrack automatically measures the position and status of hands in real-time and transmits it to the Virtual Graphics system. Now the hand of the presenter can act like a virtual mouse or Multitouch device and interactivity starts: objects can be moved, dragged and dropped, events can be triggered, actions can be controlled and many more.

With ManuTrack virtual objects become a reality that can be touched by the presenter!


Ensures the presenters interactivity by turning hands into a virtual mouse or Multitouch device
Using ManuTrack, the presenter can link virtual objects and graphics with his statements and actions in an ideal way. They are not just seen as background information by the viewers, they are rather selected, moved or touched even in front or next to the talent. Now you can create a 3D effect of your set!
Therefore ManuTrack is the cost-effective alternative to standard virtual background scenes or interactive displays. ManuTrack even offers interactivity for multiple persons and hands.

Pure image processing works without additional sensor devices
ManuTrack records all parameters merely using the camera image, making any kind of laser, surveillance cameras or any other sensor devices inside the studio or at the broadcast camera obsolete.

Works for every camera move without matching problems
For ManuTrack, neither the camera nor the presenter must remain still: it continually tracks the hand of the talent through every move of the camera or lens, even for hand held shoots. Because ManuTrack uses the camera image itself for all measurements, a perfect matching from every view is achieved between the real hand and virtual objects.

Works for every camera setup and location without calibration
Using true optical measurement technology “through the lens”, it works for any lens, camera and support system without any adjustments. Changing the lens or camera, no problem, just rock’n’rolling. ManuTrack’s setup is extremely easy without any physical calibrations. Therefore it even works with previously recorded material or streams from a distant location transmitted via satellite. You can shoot inside your studio as well as at any open air location.

Switching cameras using only one hardware system
ManuTrack calculates all parameters based on the current input signal. This enables you to switch back and forth between several cameras and still just use only one ManuTrack image processing hardware (IPU) and license. You can’t get more cost-effective than that.

Open interface to any Virtual Graphics System for an unlimited number of client PCs
ManuTrack can be easily integrated with any graphics software via its public interface. The complete tracking data are transmitted via an Ethernet network (UDP) to any number of client PCs within the network.