ManuTrack Technology


  • pixel accurate measurement of hand position

  • based on camera video picture only

  • real-time algorithm

  • for any location


Calculates the exact position and status of presenter’s hands
ManuTrack precisely and reliably calculates the exact position of the hand within the video picture. In addition, ManuTrack recognises two different states of the hand: an open hand, which shows the palm and a closed hand. This turns the hand into a virtual mouse device. While opening and closing his hands, the presenter can decide himself whether and when he selects, touches or moves objects or other Virtual Graphics. It is just like pressing and holding down the left button of his PC mouse. This ensures natural interactivity!

Real-time algorithm uses the broadcast camera video picture only
ManuTrack only requires the broadcast camera picture for all calculations. It sends this screen coordinates to the Virtual Graphics renderer. This guarantees a perfect matching of real and Virtual worlds.
Regardless of the background, the live camera images are fed to the image processing unit (IPU) of ManuTrack. The IPU supports all standard input signals in SD or HD.
ManuTrack then calculates the desired parameters for each field of the input signal: and all this in real-time!

Optical hand tracking technology measures "in air"
Therefore ManuTrack works:

  • for any place: not locally bounded to a special place inside the studio

  • for any move: tracks during all camera movements even for a shoulder camera

  • for any equipment: for any lens, camera, support system or studio environment

  • for any location: for Virtual or real Studios, even for open-air locations