Previsualization Tools

TrackMen's Previz tools offer an effective way to previsualize computer generated scenes and elements in traditional video or film shots using standard render engines.
You can choose to simply record the camera tracking data of any TrackMen tracking system for the post production or to make use of the data in real-time. Now you can judge the CG scenes already during the actual shoot or you can render just your selected scenes in the post production in higher quality with no additional work steps.
In order to record the camera tracking data TorqTrack2fbx is used.
For the processing of the camera tracking data in real-time there are several Render PlugIns available, depending on your preferred render engine.



  • saves the camera tracking data of any TrackMen system in sync with the TimeCode data for any field/frame of the video stream
  • the Time Code data could be received from an external TC generator or extracted from a video stream
  • saves the data in Autodesk's FBX file format
  • 3thrd party renderer could load the file and make use of the data for post rendering jobs
  • selected scenes can be rendered in the post production in higher quality or changed CG with no additional work steps



Render Plugins

  • for the processing in real-time there are various Render Plug-Ins available, which send the camera tracking data from any TrackMen camera tracking system to a 3thrd party renderer
  • in general every 3thrd party renderer with external data interface can be employed such as Autodesk Motion Builder, Autodesk Maya, Unity5 or alike
  • the 3thrd party renderer generates the original CG set, but maybe with a lower number of polygons to be able to render it in real-time
  • now the low poly CG set and the camera picture are composited by a keyer or compositing device such as VMatte
  • this rough Comp can be judged immediately at the set as a real-time previsualization of the final scene
  • bedsides the advantages of an immediate preview, these rough Comps and the saved camera tracking data (TorqTrack2fbx) are saving various processing steps in order to generate the final scene
  • the TorqTrack Render Plug-Ins are not sending the 6 DOF (position and orientation) of the camera only. They are also sending the mandatory interior parameters of the camera and lens, such as the focal length, the "focus breathing", the radial distortion or the center of the image!
  • especially for zoom lenses TrackMen developed a unique, automated calibration method based on three-dimensional pattern recognition (ZoomLensCalibration)
  • the complete data set is applied to the viewport of the employed render engine to create the same perspective like the real camera. This significantly improves the matching quality between real and computer generated images