• combines advantages of encoder based and visual tracking systems
  • free movement for any support system, even hand-held shots
  • low-cost, high reliability

Key features

Encoder based systems like pan-tilt heads profit from there reliability, but suffer from their need to be calibrated and their limitation in the freedom of movement. Exactly this flexibility is typically the advantage of optical system, to enable the camera to freely move. But in many situations this  boughts dearly by jerks or shifts of the tracking data and with it the virtual graphics.

Now VioTrack F combines the reliability of encoder based systems with the flexibility of visual tracking systems. Here VioTrack F employs a tiny sensor camera which is rigidly attached to the broadcast camera. It detects a coded floor with absolute markers on it. Where ever the camera is near this coded floor the absolute position and orientation of the broadcast camera is reliably  measured.

Highest reliability through coded floor
The dedicated markers on the coded floor guarantee VioTrack F to always find reliable data to measure the absolute camera position and orientation. Because the coded floor consists of absolute markers, the absolute camera pose is determined automatically for every video field; there is no need for a homing procedure or a reset.

free camera movement, even for hand-held shots
Based on the information of the absolute markers on the coded floor VioTrack F calculates precisely the position and orientation of the camera "in air". Therefore it enables the camera to freely move within 3D space, even for a hand-held camera. The additional employment of the lens data allows free zoom and focus usage, independent of the camera movement.

works on any support system, also for your existing one
VioTrack F measures the position and orientation of the body of the broadcast camera directly. Therefore it works independent of the employed support system. Now you can easily choose between a tripod, pedestal, dolly or jib or even hand-held or steady cam.

With VioTrack F there is no need for you to purchase a dedicated support system, you can of course just retrofit your existing one. Be prepared for your future production needs while VioTrack F allows you to easily switch to any new or rented support system or situation your client will ask for.

easy setup, promptly ready for operation
After you installed the retrofit kit and did the cabling you just need to roll out the coded floor to make VioTrack F ready to shoot. There is no need for any measurements by hand, no need for any homing procedures, no reset is required. There is only one measurement needed during the initial setup which is automatically calculated by the usage of image processing in seconds. To install a camera tracking system was never so easy!

choose most affordable VioTrack version depending on your needs
For cameras with a very limited moving range we designed VioTrack F 1, where the coded floor is limited to a size of 2x2 meters. For an unlimited range and any studio size VioTrack F2 provides unlimited camera movements.  

Low initial costs, usage of existing equipment, flexible employment of any support system, fast and easy setup, indoor and outdoor usage: this is the most affordable solution to step into Virtual applications.

open real-time interface to any Virtual Graphics system
Compatible to any Virtual Graphics software thanks to the open interface. The complete data of the virtual camera are sent to a network to an unlimited number of graphics machines. You are immediately connected to the leading professional real-time graphics packages, as well as to open source game engines or post-production tools.