• tracks natural features in the enviroment automatically
  • no markers, no calibration needed
  • free camera movement for any support system, even hand-held shots

Key Features

As a markerless camera tracking system VioTrack R just uses natural features in the environment. The scene is analyzed by the software in real-time to automatically generate 3D feature points instead of the usage of any artificial markers.  This automated camera tracking technology precisely calculates the position and orientation of your camera in 3D space.
VioTrack R enables your camera to freely move on any camera or support system for any Augmented Reality or Virtual Studio application.

tracks natural features in the enviroment
For VioTrack R no dedicated markers are required, not at the ceiling, not at the floor or somewhere else. Instead, the patented technology analyzes the environment in real-time and automatically detects reliable feature points within any structured scene, whether it is inside a studio or outdoors.

automated process for quick setups
VioTrack R markerless tracking technology automatically generates the required feature points to calculate the position and orientation of your camera system. No markers needed to be attached, no calibrations needed to be done, no homing procedure, no dedicated support systems needed to be employed: the fully automated tracking algorithm of VioTrack R allows ultra quick preparation times and fast changes of the locations and equipment.

free camera movement, even for hand-held shots
The VioTrack R optical sensor is directly attached to your camera to precisely calculate the position and orientation of the camera "in air". Therefore it enables the camera to freely move within 3D space, independent of the support system, even for a hand-held camera. The additional employment of the lens data allows free zoom and focus usage, independent of the camera movement. VioTrack R gives your camera the totally freedom of movement for any axis.

just a monocular vision sensor
Viotrack R just employs a single visual sensor to generate the required camera tracking data. No additional sensors are required to smooth the data,  no heavy sensor package bothers the steadicam operator, just a lightweight, but high resolution sensor camera and our smart technology is all we need. Our algorithm just needs a single video stream as an input source.
Therefore we are very flexible with the used hardware, e.g. we could easily switch to infrared light, especially for dark environments or show light or we could just use the video picture of a drone for tracking!

works on any support system, also for your existing one
VioTrack R measures the position and orientation of the body of the broadcast camera directly. Therefore it works independent of the employed support system. Now you can easily choose between a tripod, pedestal, dolly or jib or even hand-held or steady cam.
With VioTrack R there is no need for you to purchase a dedicated support system, you can of course just retrofit your existing one. Be prepared for your future production needs while VioTrack R allows you to easily switch to any new or rented support system or situation your client will ask for.

open real-time interface to any Virtual Graphics system
As all TrackMen products VioTrack R is compatible to any Virtual Graphics software thanks to the open interface. The complete data of the virtual camera is sent via network to an unlimited number of graphics machines. You are immediately connected to the leading professional real-time graphics packages, as well as with TrackMen's plugins  to open source game engines or post-production tools.